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Account Statements


Linio makes payments by Payoneeryou can create an account on Seller Center or log in into Payoneer 

1. Access Seller Center and go to the Settings tab. 

2. Click on Your Profile. 

3. Go to the Payment Method section. 

4. Click on Register. 

You will be redirected to the following website 

5. If you already have a Payoneer account, you should still create a new one and ask Payoneer’s Support team to get them all linked.

If notfill the information bellow and click Next 

Note: The payoneer name must be the same as the Legal name of your company. 

Account Statements 

You can access to your Account Statements from Seller Center in the Reports tab. 

In this section you will find three tabs. Here different information available is displayed: 

  • Account Statements: Main section of historical and current account statements for each court. 
  • Order Overview: History of all the received orders since you started with Linio. 
  • Transaction Overview: Summary of all transactions (payments / collections) you have had since you started with Linio. 


Knowing the Account Statement Section 


Sales Report 

When you download your Sales Report, you will find a Sales Overview, which presents a summary of your report taking into account the dates included in the report, the concepts applicable to your sales, and the total amount that corresponds to each one of them.

In the second tab, you will find the Sales Reportwith the detail of your sales. 

After the information of the shipment, you will find the summary of all the transactions that are made from your Orders and your account, which are divided into:

Order Overview 

In Orders Display you can see the detail of your Orders. You can filter by Account Statement, by date of creation of orders, by product, type of shipment, status of the order, among others, and export your query.

The files that you can download in this section will contain details of transactions made during the filter query (credits, retentions, and effective adjustments).


Transaction Overview 

In the Transaction View section, you can perform a more specific search of the transactions generated by each Order. Filter by the search criteria you want.

Payoneer: It is a cross-border payment platform that allows companies, businesses and freelancers to pay and collect, internationally.

1. Enter the account statement in Seller CenterEnter the Seller Center platform, go to the reports section, select “Account Statements” there you can see the breakdown of the payment periods and download for consultation as specified in the payment manual.

2. Check payment period.The period to consult must be in STATUS Paid in green since it has been paid in full by finances. To corroborate in Payonner it is necessary the STATEMENT NO.

3. Enter account statement in Payonner3.1 Enter the Payonner platform with the username and password acquired when registering, go to the Reports –Finances-Payments Report section.


3.2 When entering the history it is necessary to indicate the Seller Center ID with which you registered and made the link in Payonner.

3.3 Enter date to create the report.

Note: All payments registered in Payonner come in USD, it is only necessary to perform the local currency conversion per country.

4. Doubts (error in payments, payment was not received)

a)  For any doubt at the moment the seller can contact his KAM to check for errors or that he has not received payment for a period in his account.

b)  KAM is in a copy of the payments made weekly by the finance team in which you can validate with the STATEMENT NO. the amount received and the rate with which the court was paid.

Note 2: This information can be shared with the seller without any problem to match their payments registered in Payonner.

Below you will find important and useful links for understanding our payment plataform Payoneer: