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Brand Creation

Ask if the brand is already registered

  • Single product creation:

In Seller Center, when creating a product, go to the “Product information” tab and click on “Brand” field .

Imagen HeaderInput your brand, our system will produce suggestions or results matching the brand you specified.

Imagen HeaderRemember that brand names can´t contain special characters such as: (%, &, $, ñ, ’, etc), nor be with spelling errors. In consecuence, if your brand has any of them, try to write the text in the “Brand” field without those special characters. This way you will be able to view the options, since it is very likely that the brand is already registered. For example:

    • Black & Decker = Black And Decker
    • Victoria’s Secret = Victorias Secret
    • Dr. Brown’s = Dr Browns


  • Massive product creation:

In the product creation template, go to the “Upload Template” sheet and locate the “Brand” field.

Imagen HeaderIn this section you will find a drop-down list with all the brand options.

Imagen HeaderYou can also locate the “Brand” tab at the bottom of the document and consult the list of registered and available brands.

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Apply for a new brand from Seller Center!

Once the search is done, if your brand is not registered, go to our Creation Request Form, copy and paste the link that you will see in the “Brand” field, both in Seller Center as in the massive upload template for products:

Imagen Header

Once you enter the Form, fill in all the fields for our team to evaluate your case:

  • Seller name: you must enter the name with which your account is registered in Seller Center
  • ID Seller: this information can be found in Seller Center, on “General settings” and choosing “Your profile”.
  • Brand name: must match the attached registration or marketing certification. If you request to create more than one brand, they must be separated by commas (“,”)

Don’t forget to consider the following important information:

  • If you don´t have the trademark registration or the marketing permission, it will not be possible to create the brand.
  • Your seller name cannot be registered as a brand unless you have registered it and are a manufacturer of products.
  • The brands will be created in proper name format (except initials) and without special characters.
  • In addition, remember that trademarks can´t be registered with special characters such as: (%, &, $, ñ, etc), nor with spelling errors. Therefore, if your brand name differs from the registered one, we suggest you review the conditions described above.

Once you fill out the form and send it, you will receive a notification with the status of your request in the email you have registered in Seller Center.

If you meet all the requirements, the new brand will be created in a period of 24 business hours!