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Business Partner Management Program

This program is currently only available to local vendors in Argentina.


The Business Partner Management Program was created with the idea of promoting the development of our partners in Linio and rewarding them for their good performance. Based on certain indicators, each partner obtains a status that determines the amount of benefits they can obtain. As these indicators improve, more and better benefits are accessed.

Every two months we will make an update of your status, taking in consideration the last three months of performance. On the first Monday of each two months we will inform you if you’ve changed or maintained your Status. Remember that, with each change of Status, your benefits will change and you can enjoy them throughout two months.

There are four statuses that will determine the number of benefits you can get in this program, going from less to more:



According to your status, the benefits you can obtian are:


  • Discount Coupons: Your sales can get discounts from Linio, through different promotional coupons
  • 100% insured shipments: Shipments made by Linio, from any of its authorized packages, will be 100% insured
  • Interest-free fees: Customers can access to buy your products with interest-free fees, 100% paid by Linio
  • Participation in official campaigns: You will have the possibility to participate in our usual campaigns
  • Response time for requests and complaints (Time Range 9-18 hours): When you need our help, or have any questions, the promised response time will vary depending on your status
  • FBL bonus: You will receive a bonus on the FBL service depending on your category
  • Commercial Advisor: You can access a Linio account executive to assist you in your sales and commercial recommendations
  • Newsletters Participation: Your products may appear in our daily newsletters that are sent to more than 100,000 customers
  • Product creation: Based on a template with certain characteristics, you can use us to create more products
  • Free Shipping Rate Bonus: Depending on your status, you can access greater discounts on free shipping rates}
  • Allowable Commissions allowed: Sometimes we carry out commercial actions to promote products at a very low price, and with commission reductions
  • Bonus on cancellation fees: Silver 0% – Gold 30% – Platinum 60% – Black 75%
  • Bonus on Returns Charges: Silver 0% – Gold 15% – Platinum 30% – Black 40%
  • Bonus for late charges in dispatching: Silver 0% – Gold 20% – Platinum 30% – Black 50%
  • Collection base: If you acchieve the BLACK, status you can charge your orders in advance, that is, when the product is dispatched and not when it is delivered


Variables that Determine the Status

The variables taken into account to determine your status are the following:

  • Participation in sales (Items and billing): As you increase your sales, you can improve this indicator taking into account your strengths, either quantity of products sold or your billing amount. Keep in mind that in this indicator you will be competing with other vendors
  • Operational Indicators: On-time dispatches, Cancellations and Returns
  • FBL Sales: Fulfillment by Linio is a service that gives you the possibility to store your products in our warehouse and Linio will manage your orders. If you want to know more about this service
  • Active products: Number of products visible on our site
  • Age on the site: We want to reward those who never stop selling with us
  • Content Score: Average Content Score of your products


Better your Estatus

Our main objective is that you can improve your participation in sales and for that you should focus on the following aspects:

  • Operative Indicators:
    • Dispatch your orders in less than 24 hours
    • Keep your prices and stock constantly updated to avoid cancellations
    • Check your products before sending them to avoid returns (correct product, quantities, safe packaging, accessories and functionality)
  • FBL Sales: Identify your best products and request theit shipment to our Warehouse
  • Active Products: Make sure you have the most possible quantity of created products and active them on our site. The more products you have active, the more score you can get. This point will be easier to improve if you integrate with Linio
  • Site Seniority: Never stop selling in Linio, your commitment with us is essential for the growth of your account
  • Content Score: It is essential that your products have a high Content Score. Although the minimum is 70 points, the more complete your product sheet, the more score you will get on this indicator


Shipping Rates by Status

Shipping rates depend on product size. Keep in mind that you can get a discount on your rates depending on your status within our Partner Management Program:

The calculation to measure the volumetric weight isLength (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000 

IMPORTANTShipping rates apply per unit and not per order.