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You can cancel an order for the following reasons:

  • Lack of stock
  • Wrong Sale Price
  • Wrong Sale Price in Linio
  • Duplicated order
  • Error in shipping address coding
  • Not stocked because of no payment
  • Error in fulfillment type
  • Wrong Client Information.
  • Delay in DTS

Important: Sellers should seek to avoid cancellations as much as possible.


Linio may cancel an order only in the following cases:

1. Before Shipping: Before the shipping process has been initiated by seller, the main
reasons can be:

  • Fraud
  • Duplicate orders
  • Erroneous selling price due to system errors
  • Error in stock synchronization sistems
  • Address coding error
  • Fullfilment type Error
  • Erroneous Customer Information
  • Prohibited Product not previously notified

Important: Sellers will not receive any payment regarding the product or products
cancelled prior to shipment.

2. Delayed DTS: If the sellers doesn’t accomplish the shipping deadline, which resemble
to 3 days after the order is generated in the system.
Important: If the seller makes the shipping in the stipulated time but the order doesn’t
present movement (First Movement) in the system, send the proof of delivery to the
Carrier to International Operations:,

3. Delayed or Non-delivery: When the promised delivery time has expired and it has
been passed fourteen (14) natural days, customer has not received the product and/or
no Proof of Delivery has been submitted by the Seller, including deliver attempts.

4. Wrong shipping method: In the scenario that an order was purchased as an Express
shipment but was shipped with the Postal Service, and the customer refuses to receive
the order shipped with the Postal Service and requests its cancellation.
Important: Penalties will incur to the Seller.


Customers can cancel the order any time before the Promised Ship Time (DTS), and no
penalty will be incurred by the Seller during this period. After the product has been shipped, a customer cannot cancel the order.
Other reasons for cancellations could be:

  • If your order is delayed corresponding to the date of promise of final delivery.
    Important: If the seller use his own account for shipping, the discount will be made to him and he will assume the effects of the cancellation.
  • If your order is held at customs because the product requires some permission
    or request for rectification of customer information, and the customer don’t to
    provide that information or perform that process.


How to cancel an order in Seller Center

1. Access to Seller Center and go to the Orders tab.  

2. Click in Manage Orders. 

3. Search for the Order you wish to Cancel, in the Actions column select Canceled3. Search for the Order you wish to Cancel. 

Important: Verify that the order status is Pending

4. Select te reasonfor the Cancelation.

5. If possible, add more details about te Cancelation.  Click on Save to finish. 

Important: To Cancel an order with other status than Pending, please contact your KAM
with a copy to International Operations: 

Customer Cancellation

If the Seller does not ship the order within the Promised Ship Time, the customer and/or
the platform may cancel the order, and a penalty equivalent to 1x the commission rate willbe applied.

X% = % of commission agreed with Linio for each product category

Seller Cancellation

  • Orders cancelled less than 72 hours after the order was received will be penalized with 1x the applicable commission rate.
  • Orders cancelled more than 72 hours after the order was received will be charged 2x the applicable commission rate.

X% = % of commission agreed with Linio for each product category
In the case of overselling in a 3-month period, the Seller will acquire a penalty of 2x
Comission and a review process in order to evaluate if operations could continue.