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Catalog Performance

Catalog Performance enables Sellers to better analyze their Product sales performance, based on many metrics to support additional Sales and Catalog growth.

The Catalog Performance is located under the Reports tab.

basic Catalog performance summary of the last 30 days will be shownBelow there is detailed overview of trending items across multiple time ranges as well as possibility to drill down based by brand or category. 


Category Brand:

Overview of all KPIs and metrics by seller-relevant Categories:

  • Expandable to subcategories
  • KPis can be filtered
  • Data can be exported
  • Scrolling is enabled


Brand Tab

Overview of all KPIs and metrics by seller-relevant Brands:

  • KPis can be filtered
  • Data can be exported
  • Non-expandable
  • Scrolling is enabled


Product Tab 

Overview of all KPIs and metrics by seller-relevant Product Sets: 

  • Expandable to Product Variations 
  • KPIs can be filtered 
  • Data can be exported 
  • Omnibar can be used for search / filtering 
  • Pagination and scrolling is enabled 
  • Basic identification is by Product Name for Product Set and by SKU for variations. Additional information are provided in the tooltip 
  • The following KPIs are not available in this tab because of the natures of this dimension: 
    • SKU Productivity 
    • No of products Live 
    • Average Selling Price 
    • Stock Availability 


Select KPIs allows vendors to filter desired KPIs to each view to improve readability of the table:

  • Select KPIs applies only to current view
  • Available for all dimension

User can search / filter products sets by Name / Brand / Category using the Omnibar: 


User can export the table to the spreadsheet by clicking Export 

Time range and tool tips 

User can selected time range: 

  • Exact dates of current and comparison period are displayed