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Comarketing Campaigns

Increase the visibility and sales of your products with Comarketing campaigns and official stores!


What is Co Marketing?

Digital marketing actions and campaigns that:

  • They are used to increase the presence of brands within Linio and give visibility of their products
  • They are executed in Linio properties and external media (eg Facebook, Google, mailing, presence on site banners, etc.) with variable investment and temporality
What are the Official Stores?
  • Premium spaces within Linio that are used to show the brand’s products
  • They can be used as landing page of the brand in campaigns
  • They maintain the look and feel of the brand
  • Custom pages to meet customer needs
  • They receive organic traffic from Linio

Why do marketing campaigns with Linio?
  • High traffic of users who intend to purchase
  • Exclusive information on the target and the products at the end of the campaign such as:
    • User profile and behavior
    • Conversion Funnel
  • Experience in Latin America. One of the first e-commerce sites in the region
  • Constant efforts of Linio to generate traffic to the site
  • Experts in the execution of digital campaigns
  • Own and segmentable digital audiences (CRM and FB)
  • Access to Linio’s premium properties (spaces on the site, app, data and audiences)
¿Qué son las Campañas Personalizadas?

Customized campaign plans based on brand objectives and flexible timing. Branding / awareness objective with conversion incentive:

  • Mix of Linio media and external media such as Google and Facebook
  • We connect you with potential customers through our user bases
  • We negotiate special rates in digital media and schedule communications to optimize your goals
  • We publish in our RRSS
  • We grant you visibility in spaces that will help generate more visibility and sales

What does a Co Marketing campaign include?
  • Creation of official store in
  • Personalized media plan and strategy according to the investment
  • Execution, monitoring and optimization of the campaign
  • Final results of planned vs. delivered KPIs
  • Detailed information and reports through
  • Funnel conversion vs category
  • Brand Customer Profile
  • Property witnesses by channel
  • Discussion of final results and recommendations for future actions

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