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Content Premium

This service is only available only for Colombia and Local Sellers.

Premium Content is a service with a professional team who can help your business get the proper creation of your content. This team follows the best practices in the industry. Premium Content grants access to publications with optimized HTML language, SEO techniques, photography, and professional editing, which favor the purchase decision.

Photography and content are indisputable means to amplify and differentiate Products with those of the competition. We offer strategically constructed and highly creative graphic solutions to ensure an optimal visual level that makes your brand stand out.


  • Better content of Products
  • Best Product images
  • Optimal Content Score to be automatically approved
  • We ensure optimal creation times; Premium content has priority 1 in the catalog: Faster Live – Increased product exposure – Greater sales potential
  • Digital catalog with all the information ordered, standardized, and competitive prices
  • In the cases that are necessary, we mobilize our equipment to the Client’s facilities under the in-house mode
  • Clients can contract packages in partial mode and manage it for as long as they need it



In Linio we know that professional photography can be applied in all fields of the advertising and entertainment market. However, each category must be handled with different techniques and equipment to ensure a quality result. That is why in Premium Content we offer multiple options and photography plans.

The main objective of advertising photography for e-Commerce is to present products or services in a striking and persuasive way; handling various editing techniques and setting different spaces. The number of photographs is 3 to 5 depending on the product or service and the user’s requirements.


  • Commercial description of the product according to the category: In order for search engines to interpret the content as relevant, it is necessary to use quality information. This requires descriptions consistent with a specific number of words.
  • SEO implementation and HTML format: The use of this tool allows you to highlight the keywords, allowing web search engines to find the product and position it in the first places.
  • Main characteristics of the product: Use of vignettes that will emphasize that the product is effective and recommended. The list will focus on specific aspects of the product: Quality of materials, additional features, finishes, and product applications.


Retouching consists in adjusting the light, color saturation, chromatic aberration, and white balance. It is also silhouetted so that the photos remain on a perfectly white background and in standard JPG format of 1500 x 1500 pixels. In the process of retouching the images are examined and the most attractive details are identified to the client, so that at the end of the process it becomes a characteristic that favors the purchase decision.

More information

If you have any initiative in mind that we can help you with or if you wish to purchase any of our business plans for e-Commerce, contact us at:, or call us at (31) 8734 7479 and (31) 74028667, so that Our team of professionals will send you a proposal tailored to your needs.