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Creation of Individual Products

To create a new catalog from scratch: 

1. Access to Seller Center and go to the Product tab. 

2. Select Add a Product.

3. Select the Create a New Product option.

You access the Create Product page. 

4. Choose the category belonging to the product.

By default, Seller Center will suggest the most used category, but you can choose another option. The more specific, the better.

5. Complete all the fields for every tab, according to the characteristics of the new product. Keep in mind thay all fields marked by an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
The Product Score result will increase while the fields are completed. If you click on the score, you’ll see all the fields which are required for a better score. For more information, click here. 

6. Navigate through all the tabs to fill all the product’s information. 

7. On the Image tab, clic on Browse and upload the images

8. Click on Submit and Finish.

The creation of your product will be ready and should be available on your products’ catalog.