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Deadline for Dispatch (DTS)

DTS (Delivered time Supplier)

The DTS (Delivered time supplier) is the time a Seller has to dispatch an order since it enters in “pending orders” in the order panel.

  1. To access “pending orders” you have to click the Order tab, and then, click on Manage orders.

2. Click on Pending.

 3. The pending orders will show like this.

  1. In the “Promised shipping time” column is where we can find the DTS.

Important: Usually the established DTS is 3 days since the order is exported. If the seller doesn’t achieve the date, the system will display an alert indicating the days of delay running the risk to the cancelation of the order

Advantages of On-Time Product Delivery:

  • Increasing Sales: On-time delviered Product reaches a three times better conversion
  • Less Cancellations: The briefer a delivery is, the less Clients will be led to a cancellation
  • More Page Visibility: 80% of sales are generated by Sellers who deliver their products on time
  • Better Operational Score: If you have a great OPS, you’ll be granted access to costless Campaigns and Benefits.

Disadvantages of delays in DTS.

  • Your store can be unlisted: If you achieve a lot of delays in most of the orders, the products will be offline, and you won’t receive more new orders.
  • Decrease in DOL: Your daily order limite will decreace, so you will receive fewer orders