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Direct Dispatching

This service is available only local sellers from Peru

Direct dispatching is the delivery of an Order using your own logistics.

Products that belong to the following categories apply for direct dispatching:

  • Automotive
  • Home and Furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Kitchen and Appliances

And all Sellers who offer products that are considered Oversize or that cannot be collected by the Linio Logistics team due to the size of the article. Oversize products are considered to be all those products of a dry weight or volumetric weight equal to or greater than 35 kg.


Time to Dispatch Products

The Direct Dispatch time is set depending on the product. To do this, before uploading your catalog to Seller Center, you must send us the time it takes to stock up or manufacture the products (maximum 5 days) to Our team will establish the time you have to dispatch, taking into account the time you indicated. Within this time you must produce or manufacture, pack, label and generate the documentation. Then you must change its status to Ready to ship from Seller Center.

Remember that you must not exceed the indicated deadline. 

Subsequently, you have a maximum of three additional days to the date indicated in Seller Center to be able to deliver to the final customer:

If within a period of three days after the deadline for dispatch you do not change the status of the order to Ready to ship, the order will be canceled due to Delivery Delay.


Shipments to Province Regions

If the shipment is outside Lima, you must take the product to the facilities of the JCU parcel, located at Los Diamantes st. No. 252 Urb. Balconcillo – La Victoria. Lima Peru. The courier will deliver it to the Customer.


Shipping Costs on Oversize Products

For shipments to Lima, you must include the cost of shipping in the final price of the product. That is to say:

For shipments to Provinces, the cost is defined by the parcel used by Linio, JCU, and the shipping cost is paid by the customer.


Conformity Format

This document is very important because it guarantees that you delivered the product in optimal conditions and that the Client accepted it. Its use and delivery is mandatory, since it protects us from any claim after delivery. Therefore it must be correctly filled.

  1. Download and print the Compliance Format here:
  2. When dispatching the Product, provide the customer with the Conformity Format to sign
  3. Once you have delivered the product to the customer, send the Compliance Form to Fill it with the order details and the corresponding signatures
  4. In the subject and body of the email, indicate the number of the order to which the Format belongs.

You have maximum 3 days to send it.

If, within three days after the delivery promise date, you do not send the Compliance Form, the order will be canceled due to Delivery Failure.