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Access to the Orders tab, and click Manage Orders in Sellers Center.

Select the “Canceled” tab and click on the number of the canceled order, then you will see all the details.

In the “Actions “column you have the option to Cancel an order, specify the reason for cancellation and add a comment with the details. You can only cancel if the status of the order is still “Pending”. If the order already has an associated dispatch guide, you must report it and indicate the order to cancel. Remember that canceling an order will generate additional charges.

  • Stock out
  • Wrong Sale Price
  • Wrong Sale Price in
  • Duplicate order
  • Error in shipping address coding
  • Not supplied due to lack of payment
  • Error in fulfillment type
  • Wrong Customer Information

Remember that there is cancellation reasons that may generate extra charges.


If the reason for cancellation is attributable to Linio, you should not cancel it. You must first report it to be able to cancel. Report it to email: 

  • Seller cancellations
  • Costumer cancellations
  • Linio Cancellations

To view more details of each type of cancellation click here.