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Order Shipping

When you have prepared the product that you will send, in the Manage Orders section in the Sellers Center, select the order that you will dispatch and to start generating the documents that you must print, click on “Ready to ship”. 
A window will pop up. The Carrier will be selected automatically and invoice will be created as well. You have to click on “Save Invoice Number & Next”.
Then, Click on “All documents” to print the Linio Receipt and Shipping Label.
You can consult a detail how to carry out this process here.

You must dispatch each order individually; to avoid extra tax charges and customs delays.

Every time you have a new order, you will receive an email notification to the email registered in the Sellers Center.

Access to the Orders tab, and click Manage Orders in Sellers Center.
On the “Pending tab” you will find your new orders. If you click in +, (which is located at the left side of the Order information), you will see the details on a new Order.
Check the complete process of how to dispatch your orders here.

The DTS is the due date for the Delivery of a Product and must be discussed before with your onboarding specialist. This DTS is indicated on each Order, at the Promised Shipping Date column.

Yes it changes automatically to Shipped and delivered once the package is with the courier.

Only if you are using one of our logistic partners and previously set it up with your onboarding specialist.

If you are having problems with the change of status to “ready to Ship”; please send an email describing the problem to: