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Free Shipping Plan

As of November 29, a new collection scheme will come into effect in which orders starting at $15,990, with a maximum weight of 15 Kg* and sold in the Metropolitan Region will automatically have free shipping.

Our team has endeavored to get the best rates with our logistics operators to make your offer even more attractive, so your rates will be as follows:


* The greater weight will be taken between the weight and the volumetric weight. It will be calculated as follows: (Width x Height x Length) ÷ 4000

You will see this charge for shipping cost reflected in your Account Statement under the concept of “Shipping Fee”.


We want to recognize your commitment and daily commitment, so we want to thank you by offering you an additional benefit: if you sell two or more items that are priced less than $15,990, but together add up to $ 15,990, your customer will have 100% free shipping by Linio So is! In this case Linio will pay the shipping cost so neither you nor the customer will have to pay it.

As of September 9, a new charging scheme for products with free shipping came into effect. This will be a team work and the shipping cost will be divided into two parts, we will only cover 50% and the rest we will pay.

This benefit will apply for orders starting at $ 59,000 and the shipping cost will depend on the weight of the product:

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With these new initiatives, we seek to make your products more attractive and, as a result, your sales increase.