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Images Upload

Image Upload 

To upload images for an individual Product: 

1. Access Seller Center and go to the Products tab. 

2. Click on Manage Images and look for the Product.

3. Select the images from the File Explorer. 

4. Drag and drop the images in the box found under the All image  tab.

The images will be automatically uploaded on your Product. 


Massive Image Upload 

To upload Product images by URLs, it’s necessary to have the Product’s SellerSku beforehand. 

To upload images massively:  

1. Create a load template with the following columns: 

    • Seller SKU 
    • Imagen principal 
    • Imagen2 
    • Imagen3 
    • Imagen4 
    • Imagen5 
    • Imagen6 
    • Imagen7 
    • Imagen8 

2. Fill the template with the Products SellerSku and the image URLs.

Each product can have a minimum of one image and a maximum of eight images. Its not necessary to fill the eight image columns. 

3. Save the template on a .csv, .xlsx, or .xls file. 

4. Access Seller Center and go to the Products tab. 

5. Click on Massive Product Load

You will access the Product Upload page. 

6. Click on Load file. 

7. In Importation Mode, choose the Existent Products Update option and select the file. 

8. Click on Load File. 

If the image upload is successful, a confirmation message will appear.