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INVIMA Registry

The Colombian National Institute of Medications and Food (INVIMA for its name in Spanishis the internal state body in charge overseeing the requirements of sanitary rules for any product associated to human consumption, as foodcosmeticsdrinksmedications, medical devises, and other products that require sanitary monitoring. The INVIMA Registries certifies that this type of products fulfill the law requirements and certify their legality in the market. 

In Linio, it is important for your Products to have an INVIMA Registry in accordance to the Product Category. This gives certainty to Costumers that products are secure and meet the lawful quality standards. If a Product does not have a registry, it is not possible to sell the Product in Colombia. 

Add the INVIMA Registry in the featured field called Registry Number, which is found in the Product Details section. 


If an INVIMA number is not added to a Product, it will be rejected in Seller Center. In the case of an automatical approval, it will be deactivated and will not be reactivated until the required information is added. 


Sanitary Alerts 

The INVIMA determines which products don’t meet their determined standards and are banned from the market, because their consumption might be a risk to health. The INVIMA emits Sanitary Alerts  for such products, and their selling becomes illegal. 

Each year, the INVIMA updates the products with a Sanitary Alert, so you might have sellable stock that no longer have the INVIMA requirements. In Linio, we set ourselves the task to verify that Products offered in our platform meet the INVIMA standards and don’t have this restriction. If a Product is detected with a Sanitary Alert, it will be deactivated. 

You can consult the products that have been categorized with a Sanitary Alert this year here.