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International seller does not provide invoices to customers.

Customer Invoice

All Customers must be billed and the Invoice must be included in the package at the time of shipping.

If the customer has not used a coupon in their purchase, the total sales price must be billed (plus the shipping cost if the customer is paying the same). When using a coupon, the customer has to be billed for what they have paid, the price less coupon, and the value of the coupon must be billed to Linio. Thus, the total invoiced amount will coincide with the total sale price of the product..

Linio Invoice

Linio sends every week the corresponding invoice to your sales. Once a cut is done, you will recieve the invoice on the next Friday.

Eg. In the case of July2019:

  • Cut from July 3rd to 9th –Invoice on July 14th  
  • Cut from July 10 al 16th -> Invoice on July 21th 
  • Cut from July l 17th al 23th -> Invoice on July 28th  

*Keep in mind: Cuts run from Monday to Sunday.

You will receive 2 invoices, corresponding to:

  • Market Place Services: Includes commissions, charges, and free shipping costs.
  • Shipping Costs: Includes shipping . These costs are billed by the Seller when an order is generated, hence the separated billing.

Important information

As of January 1, 2020 Linio Argentina S.R.L. It will be considered as CABA Gross Revenue Collection Agent according to General Regime 296/2019 Annex II published by AGIP.

This implies that in the invoices issued by Linio from that date (January 1, 2020) a line of collection for the aforementioned tax will be included. The rate to be applied to the tax will depend on the standard published by the collection agency with monthly validity.

Such perception will not be reflected in the Seller Center Account Statement; therefore, when there is a difference between the transfer received and your weekly payment, it will correspond to the tax reflected in our invoices

Customer Invoice

You must make a ticket or invoice to all customers, this must be for the total price of the product plus the cost of shipping. Include the ballot or invoice in the package.

In case of not being issued and sent with the product, you will have a maximum term to send it 72 business hours once we contact you, otherwise the discount of the sale and the charge of a Fee equivalent to the agreed commission will be made.

Linio Invoice

Invoice is generated with the following concepts:

  • Comissions
  • Free shipping costs
  • Penalties (if applicable)

Customer Invoice

With electronic invoicing, the invoice must be generated and sent to the email supplied via the Seller Center, at the time the delivery is made.

If you are not obliged to issue the invoice in accordance with current legislation, you must issue an equivalent document to the customer, which you can download from the Seller Center.

Linio Invoice

Invoice is generated with the following concepts:

  • Commissions
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Delayed Delivery Fees
  • Monthly Subscription / Use of Seller Center Fee

These invoices will be sent weekly to the emails that you have registered with Seller Center.

Customer Invoice

Billing is done to Customres who request it. In the Purchase’s Order data, the RFC for the invoice must appear. If it does not appear, it means that no invoice has been requested.


Linio Invoice

Parcel invoice is issued by Linio Mexico, these include the following descriptions:

Invoice Options

  1. Plan 0 Self Invoice: You will be in charge of billing and sending the Invoice to the customer. You must send the Invoice within 48 hours after your request, or the order will becanceled and you the product immediately returned.
  2. Plan 1 Interafactura: When the customer automatically requests invoice the “Interfactura” system will bill the Invoice. The Customer and the Seller will receive the Invoices. You can also check the invoice history. When belonging to scheme 1, it is mandatory to keep the fiscal data used for the issuance of invoices updated. In case of not complying, Linio reserves the right to suspend the issuance of invoices until the information is updated.
  3. Plan 2 Comisión Ciega: Linio is in charge of billing the invoice in your name. You will receive all the invoices and the client will only recieve those that are requested.

By accepting to belong to plan 1 or plan 2, you cannot migrate to plan 0, unless prior written authorization signed by the representatives of Linio.

Interfactura – Automatic Invoice

Interfactura is an automatic billing platform, which offers you the following benefits:

  • Stamp the invoices to customers automatically, with this you will improve the shopping experience of your customers and you can fully focus on your sales.
  • Keep control and absolute registration of your billing, this through the DITO portal: within which you can access PDFs, XMLs and reports.
  • Receive your payments automatically, you no longer have to worry about sending us your invoices for Club Premier and / or Mermas, as these will be issued periodically, through our system.

Customer Invoice

If the customer has not used a coupon in their purchase, the total sales price must be billed. When the customer uses a coupon, the total of their purchase must be billed without discounting the coupon, just detail it, so that it does not affect the total amount of the sale.

Includes the Invoice inside of the package.

Linio Invoice

Invoice is generated with the following concepts:

  • Comissions [comisiones mp]
  • Shipping fees (*) [shipping fee]
  • Order Cancellations, not attended. [cancellation fee]
  • S/30 monthly subscription for the use of Seller Center (appearing on the first week of the month) [marketplacetool fee]*

To solicit invoices, send a maik to