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Master Product

Master Product is a Linio development that identifies when two or more Products belonging to different Sellers have the same UPC. Master Products unifies different Products of Linio’s Commercial Partners into one Publication that improves the Costumer Experience. This way, the Costumer can view all available offers on the same product on one page. 





  • Visibility Improvement: You can appear on the suggested items by unifying to the Master Product. 
  • Competition Improvement: You can compete directly with other offers by improving prices, shipping, and delivery times.  
  • Simple Creation: You can use all the available information on our Product Catalog. You only need to load your offer. 


UPC and Master Product 

If an inaccurate UPC is placed on a Product, it might link to different Product. In the event of a purchase, the Costumer can buy a mistake Producr which will lead to a return or to the Costumer demanding the correct Product is shipped again. In such cases, the Seller must absorb the costs such problems carry.

If you identify any problem regarding your Products in Master Product, contact the Partner Support Center team.