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Other Sales Channels Through Linio

Forming part of Linio means that you can obtain bigger profits thanks to the fact that your Products are also sold through other sales channels and platforms 

The main advantages are: 

  • More sales 
  • More visibility of your products 

We are currently working with Life Miles, a frequent flyer program for Avianca.

To sell in Life Miles or to stop selling

We are currently working with: 

  • Club Premier: Club Premier is an Aeromexico platform managed by us 
  • Loyalty Programs: Various companies encourage their sales or reward the work of their employees with the help of loyalty programs. Although that is their objective, they do not have a platform and a wide range of products that allow them to implement their own program. For this reason, these companies have placed their trust in Linio to carry out the execution of these reward systems. We will provide the infrastructure and the catalog that they will offer to their users. 

To start selling on these platforms or let them sell on them contact: 

We are currently working with Life Miles, a frequent flyer program for Avianca.

To start selling on Life Miles or stop selling on it, contact: