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Payments Cycles

Payments Cycles 

The cuts run from Saturday to Friday. Weekly payments happen on Fridays. Once the order is sent, it will be paid in  the weekly court of the week in which it was sent. 



The commissions of your products can be found in your profile in the Seller Center, in the Commissions section 

The collection of the commission of your products is calculated depending on the category of your productit is for this reason that it is very important that your products are correctly categorized, in order to avoid erroneous charges. 


Calculation of the Payment of an Order 

If you are using a Courier of Linio (DHL or SkypostalThe comission would be: 

 The calculation for the payment of your order is very simple; only the price of the product is considered and the commission percentage agreed for your product is automatically deductedThereforeit is very important that each of your articles are correctly categorized so that the automatic calculation is successful 

E.g: A Product costs $ 800.00 and itcategory commission is 15%. 

Payments Information 

Linio makes weekly cuts. A cut includes “delivered” orders from Saturday to Friday. 

Linio processes payments to Payoneeer on Fridaysone week after making the cut. 

The invoice is generated with these concepts: 

  • Commissions [MP COMMISSIONS] 
  • Shipping cost (*) [SHIPPING FEE] (if sent by Linio carrier) 
  • Cancellations of orders that fail to meet [CANCELLATION FEE] 
  • Import product tax if the cost of the product exceeds the threshold 
  • Item fixed commission 0.80 usd – Item Price credit 



If your operation is not adequate, Linio will charge you the following penalties: 

  • If the Seller does not ship the order within the Promised Ship Time, the customer and/or the  platform may cancel the order, and a penalty equivalent to 1x the commission rate will be applied.
  • Orders cancelled by seller less than 72 hours after the order was received will be penalized with 1x the applicable commission rate. Orders cancelled more than 72 hours after the order was received will be  charged 2x the applicable commission rate.

For more information check the current Terms and Conditions.