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At Linio we know that content is a crucial element because it’s the way in which customers get to know about the product without physically having it, therefore it is necessary to describe your merchandise in an attractive, complete and correctly structured manner so your offer is striking and generates sales.

The following, are key players when creating striking content that will skyrocket your sales:

  • Categorization: the family of products or line your product belongs to. It is important you assign the most specific category to the product, as this will help the customer find it more easily.

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  • Product title: It is very important that it should be a clear and specific name as it indicates what the product is and some essential characteristics that the customer should know. Your offer should match your images and contain a precise description.

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  • Highlighted features or bullets: this will help you showcase the most relevant features of your product in short sentences, these will describe the specifications of your offer.

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  • Image gallery: Images are one of the main fundamentals as they show the physical characteristics of the product. Being one of the main references that the client has to know the product, the pictures must show the item clearly and in shots that favor it. The images you add must be those of the product you offer and not of similar items. Remember that it is mandatory to load at least 3 images per product.

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  • Product description: In this field customers must be able to find detailed information about the product’s benefits, technical characteristics, emphasizing the pros and experiences it offers, parts or accessories it contains, etc.

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For us it is very important to provide you with the tools to improve the quality of your content on our platform and we know that we have many publications that are affecting your results, that’s why we collect the most typical publishing errors in Linio so that you can correct them. Remember that these errors can cause different problems for the consumer:

Most common errors in names and titles:
  • Character excess or Nonsense Names

  • Incomplete Names

  • Untranslated Names



Most common errors in Descriptions:

  • Images Descriptions

  • Nosense bullet and delivery descriptions

  • Unstranslated description images



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