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Prohibited Sale Products

Linio Marketplace offers its customers the best products, expanding its catalog day by day. Our customers trust us to make their purchases hassle-free and risk-free. The products/brands that Linio offers to the public must comply with international and local laws and regulations, as well as with internal policies.

Our clients, as well as their safety, are our priority. Both new and existing sellers should regularly check the list of prohibited and restricted products/brands.

Sellers who upload restricted and/or prohibited products on any of the Linio platforms will be notified and penalized according to our T&C. Linio reserves the right to deactivate products/brands whose sale is prohibited and to suspend the accounts of sellers who do not comply with Linio’s policies.

At Linio we are committed to working closely with stakeholders to ensure the sale of legal and safe products throughout Latin America.

Restricted Products
There are certain brands under exclusivity agreements or that for their commercialization and/or publication in Linio require legal accreditation. For the creation or update of SKUs under this aspect you can save them, but they will not be visible in Linio until authorized by the Legal Department.

If the seller is interested in marketing any of the following brands, they must contact their commercial representative, who will guide them on the accreditation process.

Copyright for Products
For the products of these brands, sellers must use their own photographs and descriptions. It is forbidden to use images from Apple and Xiaomi official sites, from other websites, mock-ups and manipulated images.

You can consult the complete document on Prohibited and Restricted Products: