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Prohibited Sale Products




Flora & Fauna   Prohibited Prohibited
Weapons Restricted  Lethal weapons are not allowed. However, non-lethal weapons are free of sale
Alcoholic Beverages   Restricted Restricted to Sellers with original Products, and with a permit issued by the corresponding Authority for selling and publicizing alcoholic beverages
Menstrual Cups  Restricted Restricted to Sellers with health permit, issued by the corresponding Authority
Currency   Prohibited   Prohibited  
Drugs and Medicaments  Restricted  Prescription Drugs and Medicaments cannot be sold
Narcotics, Psychotropics, and Enervants   Prohibited   Prohibited  
Fake Merchandise   Prohibited   Prohibited  
Tobacco Products (Cigarrettes, Matches, Lighters, and any  ther accesory  Prohibited   Electronic Vapourizers are authorized, but no mention of “tobacco” nor “cigar”, “cigarette”, or other synonyms for the word, can be written in the content.
Flammable and Explosive Products   Prohibited   Prohibited  
Products that don’t comply to Intelectual Property, Industrual Property, and Copyright norms.  Prohibited   Prohibited  
Sexual Products  Restricted  Restricted for legal age Customers. Must have an age related advice 
Medical Products and Equipment   Restricted  Authority Authorization is required
Chemicals   Prohibited   Prohibited  
Services and not-material Good Restricted  Can only be sold under a specific contract for the type of service, stipulating the scope of the service
Food Supplements and Vitamins Restricted  Restricted to Sellers that have a  registered Performance Advice  
Kylie Jenner Cosmetics Prohibited   Prohibited  
Electric Scooters Restricted  Restricted to Sellers that have security certifications
Cartuchos y tóners reacondicionados y genéricos que hagan referencia a la marca HP   Restricted  Restricted


Brands Banned from Selling in Linio 

Products belonging to the following brands cannot be sold in Linio. Avoid publishing Products belonging to these Brands:

  • Bath and Body Works  
  • Invicta  
  • Victoria´s Secret  
  • Comex  
  • Guess Relojes  
  • Kylie Jenner (Prohibited)  
  • BaByLiss  
  • Body Crunch  
  • TW Steel  
  • Swarovski  
  • Medela  
  • Andrea  
  • Babyzen  
  • Roku  
  • Moonlight