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Promoted Products

Promoted Products boots the quantity of Costumers who view your Products in Linio, and therefore increases your visibility. If your Products present the best offer and have excellent content, your sales will increase notably.

Promoted Products appear on the first 4 places in the search results or navigation by Category.



Between the main benefits of Promoted Products include: 


Start to use Promoted Products 

1. Access to Seller Center and go to Campaigns. 

2. Click on Promoted Products. 


4. Select the clicks number you wish to acquire through one of 5 plans. 

5. Activate your Campaign by selecting the Products you wish to promote. 

6. Monitor your results from the Campaign Tab or by the Reports section. 

Note: Use of the “Promoted Products” tool is subject to “Your score on the last 14 days”, equal or geater than 3, as by validation by Linio. Anyhow, you must have a positive balance in your last Account Statement to cover the total Plan cost.