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Return by Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics is the process generated after a package is delivered to the Customer by a courier and the Customer chooses to Return the Product. The request is generated after sale, within the period established for the return.

The customer can return a product for the following reasons:

  • Defective / Does not work well
  • Product does not fit me
  • It does not meet your expectations
  • Damaged outer packing
  • Missing parts or accessories of this product
  • It is not the product purchased
  • Available at best price
  • Exceeded estimated date
  • Accidental order
  • Doubt of product originality


Return Process


Reasons why a Return can be dennied:

  • The product is damaged or damaged by actions corresponding to the Customer.
  • The product does not have labels, sales invoice, accessories and original packaging. (including manuals, user guides, warranty certificates, etc.).
  • The Product shows signs of use, dirt or weathering.
  • Product is incomplete not reported by customer.
  • Wrong product not reported by customer.

When a Return is approved, the purchase amount is returned to the Customer. However, if rejected, the money will not be returned to the Customer and the Seller will not be entitled to any fine.

Steps to Accept or Reject a Return 

This process does not apply to Argentina and International Sellers

1. Access to Seller Center and go to the Orders tab.

2. Click in Manage returns. 

3. Look for the order requesting a Return 

 4. Click on the Order Number to validate the reason for Return.

You’ll acces the Item History page.

5. In the Notes column, you can see the reason for the Return and the Customer Comment.

6. When the Product has returned to your warehouse, click on Received.

The order will automatically go to the Pending Approval tab.


7. Verify the condition of the product before Refusing or Approving the Return. 

8. Approve or Reject the Return in Seller Center.

Remember that you have 48 business hours, in case of not doing so it will be approved automatically.

9. If you reject the Return, you must fill in the information requested.

    • Rejection Reason (incomplete documentation, signs of use, damaged original box)
    • Comment. 

10. Click on Rejected.

Your order will automatically go to the Rejected tab.

11. In Item History, you can see the selected rejection reason and your comment. 

 12. If you do not Approve or Reject the Return within 48 business hours, it will be approved automatically and the process will be terminated. If the return is approved, the money will be returned to the customer. 

13. If you reject the return, you must send an email to the area in charge with the technical report or the justification of the rejection. Attach photos of the product to make the case evaluation.  

14. The team in charge will contact you to finish the process.

When a customer requests a Return, you will receive an email from our Reverse Logistics team, who will guide you to carry out the process successfully.

From the moment you receive the product in your deposit, you have 48 hours to reply if you accept or reject the return.

If you have already received the Product back, but you still do not receive the email, please contact as soon as possible. After 48 hours, you will not be able to reject the Return (if the reason for return deserves to be rejected).

Additional charges

In the event that the Client indicates that the Return was due for any of the following reasons, you will be charged $ 200:

  • Defective / Does not work well
  • It is not the product purchased
  • Missing parts or accessories of this product
  • I doubt the originality of my product

Peru Conditions 

If you live in Peru, there is an additional return process to the one carried out at the Seller Center. When the product arrives at the Linio warehouse, we’ll take it to your office or warehouse. It will be sent with a guide that begins with the number 005-xxx. In the guide you will see the word Return and the reason highlighted, in this case you will not have the option to reject or approve the product in Seller Center. Once the he package is recieved, send an email to to address the case personally. The response will arrive within a maximum period of 24 business hours.

All associated expenses for returns, such as shipping costs, are paid by the seller. The costs will depend on the weight and dimensions of the product.

Customer Return Reasons 

Passed the Estimated Delivery Date Product arrived after the promised delivery date (Linio ask for product return). 
Defective / Does not Work Well Defective or lowgrade product. 
Exterior Packaging Damaged Product was not sent in enough packaging or the packaging was damaged in the route. 
Quality of the product Product Quality is not the same as described or shown in the images or content. 
Different from the Description on the Website place by Seller Product differs substantially from what was advertised on the Product Page. 
Not the Product Purchased Product was not what the customer ordered. 
Missing Pieces or Accessories Product arrived missing items described in the product page (Linio will look for local pieces, Seller pays for it, instead refund + voucher). 
Not Original Product Claim that Product is not the original (only for branded products). 

To grant an excellent Customer Experience, Linio has the right to let the customer keep Products under $15USD (according to customer’s previous behavior). For Products over this threshold, the Customer will start the inverse logistics.

Inverse logistic process (ILP)

Every fifteen days, Linio shares the list of Products returned to Linio’s Warehouse by the Customers. The process will apply according to the follow scenarios:

Product is returned by a Customer to Linio Warehouse for any reason of the previous table.

The Seller will decide within the next 96 hours (starting from the notification by Linio in Seller Center) whether Seller wants the Product back or not. If the Seller does not want to ship back the products returns Linio will have the right to destroy the products in the warehouse. In case Linio does not receive any confirmation after the next 96 hours the products will be destroyed.

Product returned by the customer to Linio’s warehouse for a different reason from the previous table (not attributable to the Seller). The Seller will decide within the next 96 hours after being notified by Linio between the following options:

    • Resell the product locally: Product will be updated back in the System and, when sold, the Product will be shipped by FBL local program. If the Product has been opened, the product will be resold as an “Open Box” and the Seller must offer a lower price of minimum the VAT of the country.
    • Answer whether the Seller wants the product back to his warehouse.
    • Destroy the product If the Seller does not want to ship back. In the case Linio does not receive any reply, the Products will be destroyed.

For Orders shipped by postal service the ILP will be monthly to consolidate all the Products and reduce costs. For express shipments, Linio can return the Product whenever the Sellers sends the instruction to ship them back. Seller will assume 100% of the applicable cost.

Linio will inform Sellers the ILP cost that will be assumed by the Seller so the Seller can decide. For all the returns under the assumption established on the table Customer Return Reasons, the Seller will assume the ILP domestic cost that will be $3USD. This will apply for the Customer to Linio warehouse.

Linio will be responsible for the Product if it is stored in any of Linio’s facilities. In case of any incident, the Seller will receive the Product price excluding the corresponding commission as if the Product has been sold.

In some countries the local authorities may require a tax declaration from the Seller in the cases that the Products were locally sold and shipped. This responsibility will be strictly taken by the Seller.