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Streaming Products

For us it is very important to provide you with up-to-date information, therefore in order to comply with Law No. 21.119 related to the protection of digital television signals in Chile, we want to inform you that the products that contain phrases related to the download of IPTV apps, such as: #2GB16GB IPTV MX3.B, # 4G with 1 Year IPTV, # 4G with 1 month IPTV, # 2G with 6 month IPTV, among others, will be deactivated from our platform.

In accordance with the aforementioned Law, in Chilean territory it is not allowed to offer streaming devices with the option of downloading apps called “IPTV” since they can allow the illegal decoding of limited television services, a conduct classified as a criminal offense. under Chilean law.

If you have electronic products (streaming) that contain these phrases, it is necessary that you delete these types of phrases.

*Products that do not comply with the elimination of the IPTV application download functionality as of this date will be removed from our platform.

Finally, we inform you that from now on, images or description fields that refer to IPTV applications will not be allowed to be included in the publication of electronic product.