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Product content

Content tips Don´t do this! Content tips At Linio we know that content is a crucial element because it’s the way in which customers get to know about the product without physically having

Streaming Products

CHILE CHILE For us it is very important to provide you with up-to-date information, therefore in order to comply with Law No. 21.119 related to the protection of digital television signals in Chile, we

Brand Creation

Ask if the brand is already registered Single product creation: In Seller Center, when creating a product, go to the "Product information" tab and click on "Brand" field . Input your brand, our system

vtex files

Categories' references categories_reference_AR categories_reference_CL categories_reference_CO categories_reference_MX categories_reference_PE   Files to

Prohibited Sale Products

GENERAL ARGENTINA CHILE COLOMBIA MÉXICO PERÚ GENERAL Linio International Marketplace brings the best international products to Latin America, expanding its catalogue daily. Our customers count on us that they can make their purchases confidently and trouble-free. Products


What is recommended price? Recommended price is about the best price we have actually in How do I structure prices? The structure has to be provided by your onboarding specialist and has

Terms and Conditions

Where can I consult the current Terms and Conditions? To consult the complete document of Terms and Conditions, in Seller Center click on Configuration and enter “Your Profile”. At the bottom


Where can I find the reason for the return? In the Seller Center when entering the Manage Returns section in the “Note” column, you will be able to consult the reason


My account seems to need to be verified Account will be verified once you have products approved and payoneer is linked on the platform through your onboarding specialist. How do I link


Can I have the information set in English? Information must be in spanish because you are going to be selling to Spanish speakers. How do I edit or update my product information? In