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eCommerce Consultant

The objective of eCommerce Consultant is to automate the most common recommendations for long-tail vendors but also key accounts. This improves the efficiency of building quality product catalog and top-line products, makes the commercial process leaner, and frees up the capacity of commercial teams.

To access the eCommerce Consultant: 

1. Access to Seller Center and go to the Reports tab. 

2. Click on eCommerce Consultant. 

You’ll find an Overview of all active recommendations for a sellerwith a possibility to take an actionActions are triggered weekly or dailydepending on their type, and then filtered from already actioned ones with each access to the Overview. 


Preferences page: 

In the Preferences page, the Seller is able to select the Category in which they are interested inThis selection is relevant for triggering recommendations type of sourcing new ProductsBy default, all Seller’s Categories are selected (categories of seller’s product catalog).