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Information must be in spanish because you are going to be selling to Spanish speakers.

In the Manage Products section in Seller Center, in the Actions column, click on Edit and then click on Edit Details in order to update your product information. If you want to consult step by step how to do it single or massive, click here.

It usually takes around 4 hours to ge it approved.

Before requesting the creation of a new brand, check if the brand you require is already registered. If it is not found, make the request by email: To generate the request for a new brand it is important that you send evidence such as product photos and Registration Certification. IMPORTANT: Consider that if your product is a generic brand, you will not be able to create a new brand. In this case, create your product with the brand “Generico”

Because content score is bellow 80, to check content score please edit any sku.

Massive upload of products, indivual upload, API conection and Plugins.