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Equirements for Cell Phones

This theme is exclusive to Colombia

For us it is very important to inform you of the updates so that your products remain in order, so we announce that due to a new Law issued in Colombia, as of December 6 , all cell phone ads for sale must show if they count with the following functions:

  • Online audio
  • Internet connection
  • Download Applications
  • Generation
  • Calls
  • Text messages
  • Online video

It is important that you know that this is a new requirement of Colombian Law and is not exclusive to Linio; Therefore, you must add these corresponding fields to the specifications in the cell phones that you offer on our platform before December 6. Otherwise, your products will be deactivated until they meet this requirement and could cause you penalties.

You can also fill out these new attribute through Import Products and to do so in this way you must fill it with 1 and 0 as appropriate:

1= Yes
0= No

One of the characteristics of Linio is that the products we offer through our platform have the guidelines established by the authorities, therefore, in order to comply with what is requested by the Chilean Consumer Protection Law, with respect to the cell phone marketing, from now on you will find two new fields that will allow users to see information about the band that the device has and whether or not the cell phone has an Emergency Alert System (SAE).

The new fields created are: Generation and Emergency Alert System

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Don’t worry! With these new fields it will not be necessary to add a new image to your products; However, it is mandatory that you fill in these new fields, so you must make the adjustment in the API code of your products by adding these fields before November 20*, otherwise they will be disabled until they meet this requirement.

Remember that these adjustments can also be made by editing the information of your products in the Seller center and by massive products update

* Linio reserves the right to deactivate products that do not have the required information after November 20.