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Creation Using Linio Catalog

To create a new product using the available Linio Catalog:

1. Access to Seller Center and go to the Products tab. 

2. Select Add a Product. 

You will access the search page. 

3. Search by product’s brand, model, name, or UPC. 

4. Click on Find it on Linio. All the available options that matches the search will be shown. 

For more detailsclick on View product page. 

You’ll be directed to the Linio page. If you are not directed to a product page, the product is no longer available on the store. In such cases, use only the displayed information. 

 5. If the product is found, click on Sell yours. 

6. Complete the fields on the Product Pricing tab with your information 


7. Click on Submit and Finish. 

The creation of your product will be ready and should be available on your products’ catalog.