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Massive Products Upload

1. Access to Seller Center and go to the Products tab. 

2. Select Import Products  

You will access the upload page. 

In the right section of the screen, you can find several options and categories, according to the products you sell on Linio. 

3. Click on the desired category to download the Template, or

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Download.

4. Open the template and complete the fields with are required according to the characteristics of your product.

To make it easier, a table has been set with the description of each field, instructions, and examples:


Before the table is completed, it is recommended to read each module in the document’s tabs. They can be used as a help tool in the task of completing the information.  

If a product contains size or measures variations, the “Variations” column on the template will be severely important. If filled incorrectly, a product will be created for each variation. 

To upload a Product with Variations: 

a. Complete all the fields as usual. 

b. In the Father SKU column, place the Seller SKU in all the variations of the product. The same SKU must be valid in each column, so the system detects a product with variations. 

5. Save and upload the file as usual. 

6. To upload images in the template, place the image’s URL. 

7. Save the template in an .csv, .xlsx, or .xls file. 

8. Return to the Massive Upload page 

9. Click on Upload file. 

In Importation Mode: 

1. Choose the Create New Products option. 

2. Select the file from your device’s library. 

3. Click on Upload file. 

If the upload was correct, a confirmation message will appear.