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Content Score

The Content Score is a Result that rates the quality of a product’s content. It takes different variables depending on the Product’s Category. On the Individual creation of a Product in Seller Center, you’ll see the corresponding indicator to the Content Score. To get a better score, you must fill the most relevant attributes of the Product’s Category. 

The attributes that add points to a Product are: 

  • Name: Type’s length. 
  • Description: The word number ratio. Keep in mind the percentage of bolds used. 
  • Important Points The number of Important Points filled. 
  • Category: The subcategorization and location of a Product’s Category. 
  • Product Specifications: The most important fields of a Product’s Specifications. 

There are also attributes that might substract points: 

  • Name: The Product’s Name exceeds the number of allowed types. 
  • Description: The Product’s Description exceed the percentage of allowed bolds. 

To see the Score details, click on the indicator and a Basic Conditions List will pop up with all the basic conditions that must be met in each attribute. Red letters will mark all attributes that don’t meet the conditions. 


Low Content Score Products  

To improve an individual Product: 

1. Access Seller Center and go to the Products tab. 

2. Click on Manage Products. 

3. Search in the Rejected Products section.

Here you will find all rejected Products. 

4. Look for the rejected Product.


5. In the Actions columnclick on Edit Details.

You will access the Product Edition page. 

6. Move the mouse through the Content Score indicator.

You will see all the attributes that need to be improved or filled marked with red letters. 

7. Carry out all suggested modifications.

As you advance, the Content Score will add up. 

8. If the Content Score reaches over 30pts, the Product will be moved to Review. But if the Content Score reaches over 70pts, the Product will be automatically approved. 


To improve Products massively:   

After a file upload, the upload Status can be views in the Results section.On the Product Details columns, a message informing the creation of a Product, but its rejection because of low Content Score, will appear. 

For more details: 

1. Download the available file located in the Status section. In the file, the two more important missing attributes are found.  The description of the problem is found under the Warning  colum. 

2. Carry out a Massive Update with the two fields added, so that the Product is moved to Quality Review. 

  To go to the Massive Update guide, click here.