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Product Packaging


  • Container: Material that contains or guards a Product and forms a part of the aforementioned Product. Serves to protect merchandise. The Container is any recipient, can, box, or wrapping that contains the Product in any form.
  • Boxing: Any material that closes or protects a Product with or without a Container, to the end of preserving the Product and facilitating its delivery to the Costumer.
  • Packaging: All materials, procedures and methods that serve for conditioning, presenting, handling, storing, conserving, and transporting merchandise.


General Conditions to Ship

The used packaging could determine a Costumer’s satisfaction with their purchase.

The package material is of grave importance in the distribution of merchandise and it must protect the Product against impact and vibrations during its distribution.

If a Product suffers any damage because of poorly-done packaging, Linio and the Carrier are not obliged to pay for any loses.

Permitted Packaging Materials

  • Boxes
  • Packaging bags
  • Burbupack plastic
  • Polyethylene Foam
  • Stretch Film
  • Packaging tape
  • Corrugated cardboard

Banned Packaging Materials

  • Recycled or battered boxes and bags
  • Black bags
  • Envelopes
  • Corrugated paper

Bags Packed Products

  • Bags must be completely closed.
  • Labels must be placed over the package.
  • Bag size must not be smaller than the Label.
  • Minimum measures must be 12x17x12

Labeled Packages

All products must be labeled, the size of the Label must not be smaller than a quarter of an A4 page.

To purchase your Linio Packaging you must do it from, using a coupon that we will send you before your first Linio Packaging order.

Request the coupon to buy the Linio Packaging, following the steps below:

1. Go to


2. Log in, if you don’t have an account yet, create one. It is important that the account you use for this purpose is personal and non-transferable, so we will avoid erroneous charges for other purchases


3. Once you have created it, send us the ID and email you used to create that account


4. When you send us your account information, we will send you your coupon so you can purchase your Linio packaging at:

5. You can use your coupon as many times as you need and at the end of each month we will make a count of the packaging purchases you made with the Coupon and you will see the corresponding discount in your Account Statement under the concept of “Other fee”

Buy the Linio Packaging by following the steps below:

1. Once you have obtained your coupon, log in and go to


2. Select the type of packaging you wish to purchase and click on the “AÑADIR AL CARRITO”


3. When selecting the payment method enter the coupon that we send you and click on “APLICAR”


4. Register your shipping information and finish the purchase

Do not worry! You should not make any changes to the Seller Center, as this adjustment is already covered under clause 8.3.10 of our current Terms and Conditions:

“8.3.10. Linio Packaging: Depending on the case and the specific characteristics of the Seller, Linio may charge the cost of packaging the Products. In the event that Linio decides to proceed with the collection referred to in this numeral, it will be given timely notice to the Seller”

Remember the benefits of shipping your products in official Linio packaging:

  • Your products travel safe! The packaging protects them during the delivery process until they reach their destination
  • They greatly influence the experience of your customers, as it is the first impression they receive when they receive their products
  • Give your customers confidence that they are receiving a package with secure content
  • Competitive prices: we make sure to offer the lowest prices and the best quality of packaging

Packaging can be an important and determining factor in a customer’s shopping experience; That is why we put at your disposal the Linio bags, which are now biodegradable and have an inviolability tape which avoids loss and ensures that the customer will receive the product as you packed it.

These bags are available in three sizes:

If you wish to purchase them, fill out the form: